The meaning of word Halal is something which is allowed in the religion (Islam) and permitted according to the laws of Islam here as far as the food is concern Halal refers to eat the food which is not prohibited in the Islamic views, it is mainly usage of pork or some other animal’s meat not only meat but the way of slaughtering should be in the lights of Islamic teachings to make your food Halal.

Halal Food doesn’t contain any kind of impurities or diseases that are harmful for the human health as there are official departments established and working to provide the halal certification after the monitoring under the religious guide,
In Islam all your worships are useless if you are not having Halal Food, it is one of the main element in the faith of Islam that’s why it is essential for the Islamic states to set up a institute for the halal food certification which makes sure that each food product producing in the Muslim countries is Halal, it is not only ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified but also holds the halal certification in order to protect masses faith and keep them away from the food or commodity which are considered as prohibited in the Islam.

No Food Product companies can get success in the Islamic countries without these halal certification and advantages of halal food is not only for the consumers but for the producers also,

While preparing food in over all the world keep in mind the manufacturing process, packaging, storing or transportation of that food must carry the food safety certificate from the Govt. Officials and halal certification is an additional benefit in the Muslim states without these certificate your business is in harm and can be demolished by the legal state actors.

A Halal certification can also be proven as an effective marketing tool for the Food production industries, which involves hotel chains, restaurants, coffee shops, café etc. The population of Muslims in the world is increasing day by day and now for the selling of your brand or to promote your company it has become essential to provide halal food in overall the world,
The places in the world which are rich in tourism also gets the advantages of halal food producing and selling it to the Muslim tourist. No matter how good taste and quality a food chain is providing, with the excellent hygiene and making process, also having food safety certificate but if the Food is not allowed in the Islam it will not considered as pure and eatable as it is not Halal, so now it is important especially for the larger companies to get halal certification from the Muslims federations and also give halal certification training to their employees and aware them the value and importance of halal food.

Neglecting the value of Halal food will surely effect a large amount of population, if a Food business owner or big corporate group is willing to spread overall the world in the food industries and ignoring halal certification will never help them to make space in the global market and to beat their competitor in the market.
In the field of food sciences research and the regularity food authorities the FSC (Food safety certification) is one of the prevailing issue.

Halal certification provide a gateway to reach more than 20 million new consumers in the whole Europe. Halal International Authority gives an orientation, information, knowledge and halal certification training to capture the Halal market in the world.Such Authorities certify the entire process from the beginning till the end of the production which involves supply chain services, the extraction of raw materials,method of preparation, input process inspect till the finished point.

Halal certification can only be provided after the implementation of this process, just like ISO 9000 ensures the quality management system according to the global standard.
According to ISA (Islamic Services of America)a research indicates that a desire found in growing US business to the rest of world and make they want to make their brand worldwide. People outside the US want US made products and consumers are willing to get that in their countries and for that they need halal food certification.
By fulfilling the Halal certification requirements and procedure the business will get the chance to access over Eight million Halal customers only in the United State America and above than 1.6 million in overall world.
Brands, and their companies will surely get opportunities in Halal Food Markets and will enjoy the advantages of halal food by selling it where currently be closed to your Business.

Especially in the Muslim countries producing and promoting halal food in the food industries is not only beneficial for the outer market share but also a positive and proud sign for the local employees in the factory, halal certification also helps to motivate the internal customer of the company. The absence of food safety certificate as well as halal food certification will prevent people to work in the companies and it may become a massive hurdle for the company to hire people other than the local side.

Eating Halal Food is the mainstream priority for the Today, Brands that have best understanding on this criteria and unchanging fact are raising market with its complex customer base, Companies are likely to be the most successful who keeping in view all the related issues and complication into halal certification and food safety certificate standards.

Manyof the researchers has examined the impact and effect of Halal certification on food production companies they have analyses their financial performance their annual revenue graph and suggested Halal certification as an asset of the company’s financial performance and get customhouses satisfaction Responses.