Auditing Services

MASC provides value-added audit services to organizations to bridge the resource and expertise gap. As consultant auditors, we also help you correct system non-conformance using our possessions of audit experience and knowledge of the standards. We provide a range of audit services to suit your specific situation, budget and time frame.Our audit services cover the following areas.

Once the management system has been fully implemented and sufficient records exist to demonstrate effective performance, we provide a pre-assessment audit to determine whether your management system is ready for the formal audit by an accredited Certification Body. We will present an Audit Report and work with the company’s staff to determine appropriate corrective action for any non-conformances found.

At this time we will also provide audit awareness training to make your employees familiar with the certification audit process and provide guidance on handling external audit interviews.

All management system standards require you to plan and conduct an internal audit program. Many organizations with limited resources and internal audit expertise and availability are now outsourcing internal audits. With the experience of auditing literally hundreds of organizations, we can perform thisfunction for your organization and significantly reduce the risk of major issues being found when Certification body auditors conduct surveillance audits. We can help you set up your internal audit program, including policies, procedures, schedules and forms, checklists, detailed audit files and provide reports on all internal audits ready for management review.

Supplier Audit Program: Supplier audits are an excellent way to develop mutually beneficial supplier relationships. Many organizations faced with limited resources and lacks of audit expertise are now outsourcing supplier development and management activities.

With our vast audit experience, we can perform this function for your rganization in a professional and cost-effective manner. We provide comprehensive audit reports including all nonconformities and recommendations for improvement. Let us help you improve the overall performance and reliability of your supply chain.